Our tools

CABS-dock is the tool for protein-peptide docking that performs an efficient simulation search for a peptide binding site and pose. During the simulation, CABS-dock allows for full flexibility of a peptide and small fluctuations of protein receptor backbone (default mode). As the input, CABS-dock uses a protein receptor structure and a peptide sequence only (default mode).

CABS-flex is the tool for fast simulations of protein flexibility. As the input, the CABS-flex uses a protein structure. It outputs an ensemble of protein models reflecting the flexibility of the input structure, together with the accompanying analysis.

Aggrescan3D method is the tool for structure-based prediction of protein aggregation properties and rational design of protein solubility. Aggrescan3D enables to take into account the dynamic fluctuations of protein receptor structure. As the input, the Aggrescan3D uses a protein structure.