Aggrescan3D standalone package for structure-based prediction of protein aggregation properties

Bioinformatics, btz143, 2019

Authors: Kuriata Aleksander, Iglesias V., Kurciński Mateusz, Ventura S., Kmiecik Sebastian


SUMMARY: Aggrescan3D (A3D) standalone is a multiplatform Python package for structure-based prediction of protein aggregation properties and rational design of protein solubility. A3D allows the redesign of protein solubility by combining structural aggregation propensity and stability predictions, as demonstrated by a recent experimental study. It also enables predicting the impact of protein conformational fluctuations on the aggregation properties. The standalone A3D version is an upgrade of the original web server implementation - it introduces a number of customizable options, automated analysis of multiple mutations and offers a flexible computational framework for merging it with other computational tools. AVAILABILITY: A3D standalone is distributed under the MIT license, which is free for academic and non-profit users. It is implemented in Python. The A3D standalone source code, wiki with documentation and examples of use, and installation instructions for Linux, macOS, and Windows are available in the A3D standalone repository at