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Mateusz Kurciński

Assistant Professor

Phone(+48) 22 55 26 364Dial the number
AddressRoom 3.132
Biological and Chemical Research Centre
University of Warsaw
Zwirki i Wigury 101
02-089 Warsaw, Poland
rooms 3.132, 3.133


  1. MAPIYA contact map server for identification and visualization of molecular interactions in proteins and biological complexesNucleic Acids Research: gkac307, 2022Aleksandra E Badaczewska-Dawid, Chandran Nithin, Wróblewski Karol, Kurciński Mateusz, Kmiecik Sebastian
  2. Protein-protein docking with large-scale backbone flexibility using coarse-grained Monte-Carlo simulationsInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences, 22(14): 7341, 2021Kurciński Mateusz, Kmiecik Sebastian, Zalewski Mateusz, Kolinski Andrzej
  3. Flexible docking of peptides to proteins using CABS-dockProtein Science, 29: 211–222, 2020Kurciński Mateusz, Badaczewska-Dawid Aleksandra, Kolinski Michal, Kolinski Andrzej, Kmiecik Sebastian
  4. Aggrescan3D (A3D) 2.0: prediction and engineering of protein solubilityNucleic Acids Research, 47: W300-W307, 2019Kuriata Aleksander, Iglesias Valentin, Pujols Jordi, Kurciński Mateusz, Kmiecik Sebastian, Ventura Salvador
  5. Aggrescan3D standalone package for structure-based prediction of protein aggregation propertiesBioinformatics, btz143, 2019Kuriata Aleksander, Iglesias V., Kurciński Mateusz, Ventura S., Kmiecik Sebastian
  6. CABS-dock standalone: a toolbox for flexible protein-peptide dockingBioinformatics, btz185, 2019Kurciński Mateusz, Ciemny M. P., Oleniecki T., Kuriata Aleksander, Badaczewska-Dawid A. E., Kolinski A., Kmiecik Sebastian
  7. Protein Structure Prediction Using Coarse-Grained ModelsComputational Methods to Study the Structure and Dynamics of Biomolecules and Biomolecular Processes: 27-59, 2019Błaszczyk Maciej, Gront Dominik, Kmiecik Sebastian, Kurciński Mateusz, Kolinski Michal, Ciemny Maciej, Ziolkowska Katarzyna, Panek Marta, Kolinski Andrzej
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  12. A protocol for CABS-dock protein-peptide docking driven by side-chain contact informationBiomedical Engineering Online, 16, 2017Kurciński Mateusz, Błaszczyk Maciej, Kolinski Andrzej, Kmiecik Sebastian, Ciemny Maciej
  13. Highly Flexible Protein-Peptide Docking Using CABS-DockMethods in Molecular Biology, 1561: 69-94, 2017Ciemny Maciej, Kurciński Mateusz, Konrad Kozak, Andrzej Kolinski, Kmiecik Sebastian
  14. Modeling EphB4-EphrinB2 protein-protein interaction using flexible docking of a short linear motifBiomedical Engineering Online, 16, 2017Kurciński Mateusz, Błaszczyk Maciej, Kolinski Andrzej, Kmiecik Sebastian, Ciemny Maciej
  15. Flexible protein-peptide docking using CABS-dock with knowledge about the binding siteProceedings Of The International Work-conference On Bioinformatics And Biomedical Engineering (iwwbio) In Granada, Spain, 195-201, Arxiv:1605.09269, 2016Kurciński Mateusz, Ciemny Maciej, Błaszczyk Maciej, Andrzej Koliński, Kmiecik Sebastian

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