CABS-flex 2.0: a web server for fast simulations of flexibility of protein structures

Nucleic Acids Res, 46, W338-W343, 2018

Authors: Kuriata Aleksander, Gierut A. M., Oleniecki T., Ciemny Maciej, Kolinski A., Kurciński Mateusz, Kmiecik Sebastian


Classical simulations of protein flexibility remain computationally expensive, especially for large proteins. A few years ago, we developed a fast method for predicting protein structure fluctuations that uses a single protein model as the input. The method has been made available as the CABS-flex web server and applied in numerous studies of protein structure-function relationships. Here, we present a major update of the CABS-flex web server to version 2.0. The new features include: extension of the method to significantly larger and multimeric proteins, customizable distance restraints and simulation parameters, contact maps and a new, enhanced web server interface. CABS-flex 2.0 is freely available at