CABS-flex standalone: a simulation environment for fast modeling of protein flexibility

Bioinformatics, 4, 694–695, 2018

Authors: Kurciński Mateusz, Oleniecki T., Ciemny Maciej, Kuriata Aleksander, Kolinski A., Kmiecik Sebastian


Summary: CABS-flex standalone is a Python package for fast simulations of protein structure flexibility. The package combines simulations of protein dynamics using CABS coarse-grained protein model with the reconstruction of selected models to all-atom representation and analysis of modeling results. CABS-flex standalone is designed to allow for command-line access to the CABS computations and complete control over simulation process. CABS-flex standalone is equipped with features such as: modeling of multimeric and large-size protein systems, contact map visualizations, analysis of similarities to the reference structure and configurable modeling protocol. For instance, the user may modify the simulation parameters, distance restraints, structural clustering scheme or all-atom reconstruction parameters. With these features CABS-flex standalone can be easily incorporated into other methodologies of structural biology. Availability and Implementation: CABS-flex standalone is distributed under the MIT license, which is free for academic and non-profit users. It is implemented in Python. CABS-flex source code, wiki with examples of use and installation instructions for Linux, macOS and Windows are available from the CABS-flex standalone repository at